Stepping up to your favorite food truck sometimes is WAY better than going out to your #1 restaurant.  Maybe it's the timing or the convenience or the price or maybe there's just some kind of magic you feel when that big, bright truck rolls around the corner with what you've been craving.  All I know is I'm all in.  Yeah... I can't help myself when it comes to GOOD eatin' and Idaho has some of the best food trucks EVER.

MSN just put out a list of the number one food trucks in every state.  I'm talking top dog.  The absolute creme of the crop.  Best of the best.  You may be thinking about which food truck is the most popular or flourishes well financially or your mind may even go straight to a special kind of food.  Mexican, Chinese, American, Greek, etc... but who's the best?  Who really does it better than everyone else?

MSN says the answer is 'The Kilted Cod - Fish And Chips' for Idaho.  Yup.  Fried fish and french fries are all you get but MAN are those fish and chips good.  These guys may not have a lot on the menu and that's by design.  They set out to be the absolute BEST at what they do and that's exactly what they've done.

These beautiful little pieces of cod come in perfectly crisp portions and the shoestring french fries are a one-of-a-kind delicious treat that keeps everyone coming back for more and more and more.

You definitely get a little kick with this meal.  Some spicy batter and then house-made tartar sauce along with some malt vinegar that lets you know what you're eating.

Congratulations to 'The Kilted Cod'.  No word on who came in 2nd and/or who the other top food trucks are in Idaho.  Here are some of the trucks that took home that #1 spot in other states...

  • Arizona - Emerson Fry Bread
  • California - The Chairman
  • Colorado - Basic Kneads Pizza
  • Florida - House of Mac
  • Hawaii - Giovanni's Shrimp Truck
  • Kansas - The Flying Stove
  • Massachusetts - Daddy's Bonetown Burgers
  • Michigan - Detroit 75
  • Montana - Cajun Phatty's
  • New York - The Cinnamon Snail
  • Oregon - Bing Mi Food Truck
  • Texas - The Waffle Bus
  • Utah - Waffle Love
  • Virginia - Captain Cookie and the Milkman
  • Washington - Where Ya At Matt
  • Wyoming - Nipa Hut

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