I think this is the most horrific crash I've seen here in the Treasure Valley. A chain reaction accident has left several people dead this morning.

We don't have details yet on how many people were killed. Initial reports just said that two people were taken to the hospital.

According to KTVB, the accident involved seven vehicles and happened along I-84 between Eagle in Cole Road.

The disaster started when a commercial vehicle slowed down for construction near the Cloverdale exit. It was hit by a second commercial vehicle from behind, which created a chain reaction that ultimately involved seven vehicles and caused a huge explosion. At least one of the vehicles involved caught fire, but from the pictures, I would not be surprised if more vehicles caught fire.

The accident was so bad it took crews 13 hours to clean the mess up and the Cloverdale overpass remains closed this morning as a result.

The Ada County Coroner's Office is working to notify family members of the deceased. After that, more details should be released about how many lives were lost and their identities.

Please keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers.