Imagine pleading guilty to murder and that is what drops the murder charges against you! It just happened for one man in Nampa.


21 year old Kevin Robert Tracy was facing first degree murder and conspiracy to commit robbery in the death of 49 year old Steven Nelson of Nampa.


The back story is that Tracy along with Kelly Schneider, Jayson Woods. and Daniel Henkel placed fake ads on escort sites and lured in Steven Nelson.


When Nelson showed up at Lake Lowell for an apparent "sexual rendevous" he was robbed instead and forced to strip naked before he was beaten to death.


According to KTVB, Nelson actually made it to a neighboring house seeking help and he was able to describe his attackers.


Kevin Tracy's sentencing will happen April 24th. He faces 5 years to life in prison. Kelly Schneider is facing a federal hate crime charge and a murder charge. He has pleaded guilty to both charges. Jayson Woods was convicted of murder earlier this month, and Daniel Henkel is facing a jury trial in March.


What are your thoughts on this case? Should murder charges ever be dropped when someone has pleaded guilty?