Stick to Lake Lowell in Nampa, or maybe just stay home altogether, and this is why...

I was out at Lucky Peak Lake for the first time this summer this past weekend and I can assure you, you don't want to go, for a number of reasons...

  1. The weather is TOO nice out there! You wouldn't want to have to blow all your money on sun block, would you? Because they have those awesome docks you can lay out on and sun bathe and that could potentially cost you a lot in sun protection!
  2. MOOOOVE over to Lake Lowell because at Lucky Peak Lake, there are cows up on the bluffs living their best lives grazing on all the greenery that's up there. You don't want to interrupt their lush lifestyle.
  3. Camping shmamping... So what if you can tie your boat to a dock, pitch a tent, light a fire and have an amazing Idaho summer night camping. Where are you gonna pee? Huh?!
  4. If you're a boater, the boat ramps are so easy to use and to get your boat in and out of the water. If you were a real boater, you'd be up for a challenge, and that my friend, you are not going to find at Lucky Peak Lake.
  5. The birds are talkin! Yeah, that's right... Ducks galore out at Lucky Peak Lake and imagine the guilt you'd feel if you spotted a mama duck cruisin' through with her baby duck looking for some food. You'd have to toss her a tiny apple slice and next thing ya know, the whole quack colony is out there begging for food. You really want to put yourself through that?
  6. Lastly... The cool, refreshing water on a hot summer day may sound tempting, but see number one. You really want it to wash off all that expensive sun block and expose you to the sun? I think not!

Okay, maybe I just really like it out there and want to keep it nice and quiet as deep into the summer as possible for my own selfish self. I'm not sure, but because it's so amazing to spend a summer day (or night) at Lucky Peak Lake, I encourage you to just not do it!

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