3 1/2 years ago I started practicing yoga. Although I no longer practice, it left me with one message I hope will always stay with me. 

Yoga brought me a sense of peace that I have never found anywhere else. I loved watching my body slowly become more flexible, but it was that break from the chaos of the world that I looked forward to the most. After my 14 disc spinal fusion last year, I haven't returned to the yoga mat because the fusion left me with little flexibility. I should go, even if I am embarrassed by my stiffness, but whether I go back to practicing yoga or not, I will always remember Namaste.

At the end of every class we would bring our hands to heart center and say Namaste. My teacher explained at the end of one session that Namaste essentially means I will strive to see and respect the light within you, and I will strive to see and respect the light within myself. It encourages us to see the good within ourselves and the good within other people. Everyone has good qualities and qualities that we struggle to deal with, but if we focus on the positive in ourselves and each other we function so much better as a society, at work, with our friends, and within our families.

So I challenge you to "Namaste." Next time someone is driving you crazy, strive to think of the attributes that you admire about that person. Focus on the good instead of the bad and see how it impacts your life. I guarantee it will change you for the better.


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