Y'all, there's a day for everything, and today it's National Jerky Day!

To celebrate, we've curated a list of the 8 best places for jerky in the Boise area (and some honorable mentions). With the help of Yelp, we found the places with the most and highest reviews, and we've added some of our favorite places, too.

In other areas of the country, this might not be a big deal... but us Idahoans love our jerky!

This is something that goes way back. Having a rich farming and ranching heritage, Idahoans have appreciated this protein-packed snack for years. And still to this day, from our beautiful Idaho mountains to the open fields and plains, Idahoans embrace an active outdoor lifestyle, making jerky still an essential companion for their adventures.

There's also a lot of blue collar workers here who depend on getting their favorite jerky from their favorite places every day while they're at work. There are a lot of flavors, and everyone's got their favorites!

Not to mention, Idaho's agricultural traditions and the availability of high-quality LOCAL beef really contributes to the appeal of jerky. With its convenience, diverse flavors, and nutritional benefits, jerky has become a beloved staple in the hearts and pantries of Idahoans.

This was going to be a "Top 5" list, but we added honorable mentions and some of our favorite places to go for jerky — making this a "Top 8" list! Where are your favorite places to go for jerky? Make sure to stop in today and celebrate National Jerky Day! 👇

National Jerky Day & 8 Great Places for Jerky in Boise

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