Kane Brown is set to drop his 7-song EP Mixtape Volume 1 on Friday, and one of the songs on the album is his song "Cool Again" that he released earlier this year. Shortly after the song was out, Brown put out a remixed version of the song with Nelly. The two of them came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the remix, and what it was like working together.

Nelly shared that he hasn't done a lot of collaborations with country artists despite many requests because it's by choice and by design. He likes to be choosey about the country songs he collaborates on, and Brown's song "Cool Again" was definitely one of them. The two of them met right before Brown was heavily in the music industry at Nelly's joint tour with TLC. Brown's first impression and the good things said by other people were the two determining factors in Nelly saying yes to the collaboration after hearing the song. Though, Nelly wasn't sure what "version of Nelly" Brown was wanting for the song, so Nelly ended up recording 5 different versions of his one verse in the remix before they chose the right fit.

Besides the collaboration, Brown shared with Bobby Bones what he's been up to in quarantine.

Brown said that he's been spending a lot of time with his wife Katelyn and daughter Kingsley and most mornings his wife wakes him up by putting Kingsley on him. He said that move forces him out of bed every morning, but he loves it because he wakes up to his baby smiling at him. He confessed that during the first 6 months of new parenting, they had night nurses helping them out so they could get sleep. And after working with someone to help Kingsley's sleep schedule she's doing great at sleeping through the night for them.

When he's not with his wife and their daughter, he's spending time playing video games with fellow country artists Luke CombsDevin Dawson, and Shay Mooney. they all like to play Call Of Duty together and Brown has become even more attached to his video games since quarantine. He added that his wife gets angry with him a lot because of his constant need to play, and she's even threatened to run over his gaming system or set it on fire. Now though, Brown shared that they have a karaoke system and when he's playing his video games, she's normally singing on that.

Nelly also shared some fun stories during his time on the show outside of the collaboration.

He talked with Bones about working with country artists. He shared that he likes doing collaborations in the country music industry because of his father and his uncle. He has listened to country music since he was young because of the two of them, so working with the country music industry was a natural fit. He's done collaborations with Tim McGrawFlorida Georgia Line and more recently Kane Brown and Jimmie Allen. Bones wanted to know what "E.I." meant when Nelly sings it in his famous song and found out there's really no definition for it. Turns out, it's just something that Nelly and his friends used to yell when they were playing ball as kids.

Outside of the music industry, Nelly has many claims to fame. One of them being his acting in The Longest Yard movie. Bones asked about his time on set and Nelly shared that Chris Rock was the one who probably cracked the most jokes, but Burt Reynolds always had the best stories. He shared that some of the stories were funny and some were iconic and whenever he would talk, everyone would just quiet down and listen. Nelly also made an appearance on MTV Cribs and shared that everything fans saw was 100% his. He said that he ended up having to move after the show aired because he didn't have any security and people kept coming up to try to meet him.

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