Boise is booming and with that is coming a lot more development. Here's what's in the works along Park Blvd. 

Right across from us here at Townsquare Media is a big parking lot along Park Blvd. You may have parked there for BSU games or at least you know the lot I'm talking about if you've dined at The Ram. Well pretty soon that parking lot will be filled with brand new apartments and an awesome new waterfront restaurant.

No word yet on exactly when construction will begin but according to the restaurant will be 7,000 square feet and will sit right off the Boise River.

As for the apartments, they will comprise of 70 senior living apartments and 76 family apartments with a garage on the bottom and a four-story building above.

According to the Idaho's population is expected to grow at three times the national rate through the year 2025 and we're gaining particular popularity with seniors so the extra housing is flat out necessary to keep up with the growth.

I'm afraid the secret about Idaho being a hidden gem is out, but I do like what it's doing for the value of my home!