The Village is one of my favorite spots in Meridian and I'm so excited about the stores opening up shop in 2020. 

I'm a brick and mortar, old-school shopping kind of girl! I love carrying the bags, actually seeing the quality of what I am buying, and trying on clothes. When I see this kind of development happening amongst all the store closures we have seen in recent years, it puts a smile on my face.

According to The Village's website, here are the stores set to open in Meridian in 2020.

Bite Me - Hand-Dipped Ice-Cream (Opening in January.) They specialize in chocolate-dipped bananas and the like.

Restore Hyper Wellness #1 name in health and nutrition in the valley.

Sephora (How have I not heard about this?! Between Sephora and the MAC store at the Village it's a make-up girl's dream!)

Smithfield Foods - Meat processing, packaged foods, and protein company. This seems like an atypical find at The Village, but I'm excited to check them out!

Clean Juice (Locally owned and operated, they are the first USDA Certified organic juice bar.)

What store are you the most excited about? Are you an old school shopper or an Amazon fan?


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