Death is one of the unfortunate parts about life, eventually there will be a day that we all pass away. On that day we will have loved ones that mourn our passing and in the coming days will prepare a funeral service in our memory. Many people try to take some of the burden off their family by pre-planning their own funeral, and most don't want it to be a sad event.

Kyle Tevlin, is one of the trendsetters making this happen with her business, I Want A Fun Funeral. The motto posted on her website states, "Welcome... to the new world of goodbye celebrations that are extraordinary. Not Generic. Not Morbid. Not Meaningless."

She says the process of organizing things are thorough and entertaining. Comprehensive and easy.

Personally, it's difficult to attend a funeral so if someone wants to plan their farewell and make it more of a party I think it should be supported.

When my father passed last year he knew in his final years that things were coming to an end. He made arrangements to lay in the same cemetery as Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee. We also talked about each one of his sons having their own bottle of his favorite liquor (we ended up each taking one drink, not one bottle). We also had enough Reeses candy for an entire country, the perfect send off just as he would have wanted.


So, have you ever thought about your funeral? Would you want a party or a more traditional service?

For me, it better be a big ol' party! With music and funny stories or memories.

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