When I was growing up, there was a great Saturday Night Live skit about how you needed to do good in school so that you didn't end up living in a van down by the river.  Chris Pratt, Jim Carrey, Dr. Phil, Kelly Clarkson, David Letterman and William Shatner all lived in their cars on their way to fortune and fame. 

But there’s a new trend of people living in their vans, not to get by as they try to survive auditions, but to live.  Not just live within their means but live an adventurous life.  People have quit their jobs to literally live in their van and travel the country in it.  As outdoorsy as we like to think of ourselves in Boise, I’m not sure that there’s many people that would give up the comforts of their home for a life in a rolling metal box, but the people who are doing it, seem to be enjoying themselves.  Meet five people, one of which is a Boise native, who have become Instagram famous for living the #vanlife! 

Matt & Jamie 

A photographer and a nurse decide that they’re hitting the road almost three years ago.  The adventure started in Detroit and as of today, they appear to be somewhere Bombay Beach, California.  You can follow their adventures on Instagram.


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Meg & Levi 

Meg and Levi decided that they wanted to do something completely different, so they hopped on a bus and left their Pennsylvania life behind and started traveling West.  The bus they hopped on happened to be one that they renovated themselves and turned into a rolling house.   




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Danielle and Tommy 

Danielle and Tommy are a couple from Maryland that decided that they were going to live in a van and travel the country.  They’ve now been living in their rolling metal home for 28 months and they’ve found a way to make money, just by living in a van.  You can get their eBook, cookbook and more on their website or you can follow their adventures on Instagram.  


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Halle Homel 

After graduating early from college in California, Halle decided that she was going to travel the world by herself!  She hopped in her Kia Soul and took off.  It wasn’t long before she upgraded to a 17-foot van.  Today, she’s somewhere near Tucson, Arizona and is blogging about her adventure on her website and she posts regularly on Instagram too.   




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Marie Yokan 

Marie has an engineering degree and without any help, she built her own van and has started a business building these custom vans for other people to do what she does: travel the country in her van.  She wants to use her business to teach girls how to build their own vans and wants to start a scholarship fund too!  She and her dog are both on the Gram and you can also follow her company, Neverland Vans.   




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