It sounds like a dream. Spaghetti, lasagna, fettucini, and oh the salad and breadsticks! 

Tomorrow at noon here in the Treasure Valley, Olive Garden is revealing a pass that they've never offered before.

A $300 pass gives you a year's worth of unlimited pasta dishes, plus, soup or salad, and breadsticks!!

Olive Garden is only handing out 1,000 of these babies, so they are going to go fast! Get in on it tomorrow, August 23rd at noon.

The regular Never Ending Pasta pass gives you unlimited pasta passes for eight-weeks and costs $100. Olive Garden dishes out 23,000 of these babies, so they are a little easier to get, but you still want to jump on this quickly. The regular passes also go on sale tomorrow at noon.

Your best bet is to get on this deal online. The passes are only available for 30 minutes or until they sell out, whichever happens first.

Get ready to click the link below tomorrow at noon and fill our bellies with pasta!!

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