As of now, more than 700 teachers have officially called out sick for Monday. This is a mass planned 'sick-out' that teachers across all grade levels in the district are doing after last nights meeting and final decision announcement.

Even though the school district has moved back in the the 'red' category by the Central District Health due to higher COVID-19 cases. The district's board of trustees voted 3 to 2 to keep in-person learning going. It will be in an hybrid schedule, where it is every other day in school and the other days virtual. The teachers pleaded with the district beforehand making it clear that most of them are not ok with this. The threat of the sick out became very real after the announcement when the district was overwhelmed with teachers calling out sick on Monday.

It is possible that teachers may expand the 'Sick-Out" past just Monday but we don't know for sure. We don know that the district is over 500 substitute teachers short to be able to fill the massive void. Hundreds of teachers in the West Ada School District are planning a mass "sick-out" for Monday, leaving the district scrambling to figure out how to cover classes.


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