What are people thinking when they do things like this?!! Obviously, not thinking at all. This substitute teacher in the Parma School District sent a teenage student these unbelievably inappropriate pics.

Here's what went down. Substitute teacher Jeffery Ward was alone in a classroom with a female student when he allegedly got into a conversation with the student about piercings.

According to ktvb.com Ward told the student he had "several piercings down below" and nodded to his groin area.

Later he text messaged the teen asking if she wanted to see the piercings? He followed that message up by sending her illicit pictures of the piercings.

This scenario went down September 13th and the girl filed a police report.

Ward has admitted to having the conversation and sending the inappropriate pictures.

He is currently sitting in the Canyon County Jail on a $250,000 bond. A bond reduction hearing is set for this Friday, November 30th.