Life in prison is unlike anything else. We've seen some glimpses of life behind bars in countless shows including the popular show 60 Days In. If you find yourself behind bars, every day is a battle for survival – both physically and mentally.

The dangers of living in prison

When you live in prison, you're not only dealing with the challenges of maintaining your physical and mental health but you're also dealing with interacting with other inmates who may or may not be extremely dangerous. In the case of California's most dangerous prison, you'll be living with some of the most violent offenders around.

Imagine being locked in a tiny cell for nearly 23 hours a day and when you do get the opportunity to go outside, you have a constant fear of being targeted by those same scary inmates.

And then there's the psychological toll of life in prison. The isolation, the loss of freedom, the constant feeling of being watched, and missing the friends and family you had on the outside.

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California's most dangerous prison is located in Crescent City and was even the site of a violent riot that left one person dead. When people think of the most dangerous prison in California, they might mention San Quentin or even the tourist attraction Alcatraz.

But if you ask the inmates at Pelican Bay State Prison, they'll tell you another story.

A Look Inside California's Most Dangerous Prison

California's most dangerous prison is located in Crescent City and is home to some of the most violent criminals in the world.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

The most dangerous prison in Idaho is nothing to sneeze at either! Have you ever seen the inside?

Let's Take A Look Inside Of Idaho's Most Dangerous Prison

Idaho's most dangerous prison is located in Kuna, Idaho housing some of the most violent offenders in the country.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

How To Go To Jail For Growing Idaho Potatoes

Don't approach potato planting the wrong way or you'll face some serious consequences!

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