This could have ended very badly. Police caught this guy passed out in his car, but they never could have guessed what happened next.

Credit: ADA County Sheriffs Office

25 year-old Alexander J. Flink of Garden City and his passenger 27 year-old Christina A. Berstrom were found passed out in a vehicle yesterday at about 4:25 p.m. with the keys in the car, the gas still running, and the gear in drive in a parking lot along Chinden.

Credit: ADA County Sheriffs Office

Police surrounded the vehicle and when Alexander woke up he put the drive in action and rammed the cop car behind him. According to KTVB he also hit an officer with the front passenger door of his Jeep.

Both Alexander and Christina initially resisted arrest but they were taken into custody without harming any officers.

Both are believed to have been under the influence of illegal narcotics. They have both been booked into the ADA County Jail.

Police say it was a dangerous situation that could have ended very badly. Luckily no one was hurt and hopefully the two people involved will get the help they need.