A Facebook post looking for Pitbulls to fight has some people pretty mad here in the state. 


The Swap 'N Shop Facebook Page, which is based out of Couer d'Alene is causing people to be outraged after a man posted about looking for pitbulls to participate in a "fighting league."


According to KTVB, the post on the Facebook page specifically reads...

"I'm looking to buy a few pitbulls. Does anybody have any they wanna sell or get rid of? It's for a chomper league. I need 2 bait and at least 2 fighters. Thanks in advance. I can pay $500 each."


After people commented that they were going to call police, the man who posted the ad retracted his statement and said he was really just looking for hunting dogs. Since then, I believe the Facebook page has been taken down, because I can't find it anywhere. I'm thinking they just wanted to get attention, but it was obviously in a really bad way! Earlier this week they actually had a post that said they were selling an 18 year old girl!


Just to be clear, dog fighting is a felony in Idaho and the case has been handed over to animal control.