This place was on my bucket list and I'm so sad its going away!

Bluebird, located off of 10th Street downtown is closing their doors at the beginning of the year.

They are known for making super yummy sandwiches. In fact their grilled cheese has been deemed the "Best Grilled Cheese in Boise," their Reuben is said to be one of the best, and they make super yummy sodas, but its all going away.

Bluebird has been in Boise for the last 5 1/2 years, but according to their Facebook page, the last day they will be serving up sandwiches is January 26th.

Restaurant owners David & Sarah Kelly are staying in the kitchen though. They plan on opening up a new place called Petite 4 on the Boise Bench. The new eatery will focus on a French menu and will  situated off of Latah Street near Morris Hill Cemetery.