Idaho is known for its delicious food, there's no secret about that. But, if you're willing to look a little deeper, you can also find some of the most original food in Idaho.

Idaho: Originality Lives Here

To our knowledge, that's not an official slogan but we'll be damned if it doesn't suit the Gem State. A lot of people are fully aware of Idaho's potato fame and some are even aware of finger steaks and fry sauce.

What some might not know though, is that Idaho is also home to one of the oldest restaurants in the country - The Snake Pit in Enaville, Idaho.

The Snake Pit announces it is closing...

Established in 1880, The Snake Pit has been serving Idaho for over 140 years and originally catered to miners and workers in the area.

Known for their homestyle cooking, patrons flocked from all over the world to check out Idaho's hidden gem. Unfortunately, The Snake Pit shared some news that has people divided on the historical spot's future.

In a Facebook post on Friday (2/23), the historical restaurant shared that they'll be undergoing some changes:

The Snake Pit has been sold. New owners will take over in March. The restaurant is temporarily closed during the transition - please watch for announcements about reopening. We are looking forward to seeing you all this spring and summer!
Those who have been fans of the spot since they can remember might be a little nervous which is understandable and others are excited to see some changes coming.
"Wow, that is crazy. You guys have the best food. I hope they continue doing what you’ve always done. Any change is not going to be necessary or wanted lol. Hope to see you this summer," wrote one commenter, Cyndi M.
On the flip side, Makin A. commented, "Best news ever! Hope they can make some good improvements in consistency, quality, and service."
Have you been out to Idaho's oldest restaurant? Check out what made it so near and dear to people's hearts.

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