This man is lucky to be alive. He's a potato chip delivery man who was stranded for three days and he didn't eat any potato chips. Here's what happened:

22-year-old Jacob Cartwright was delivering chips from Portland to Nyssa, Oregon when his GPS led him in the wrong direction and he ended up stranded in a mountainous area after his 18-wheeler went down an embankment.

Jacob walked 12 to 14 miles every day trying to survive. He had no cell phone service which was of course very scary and left him to save himself.

According to KTVB all he had besides his phone was a headset, three bottles of water, and a pocket knife.

After lots and lots of walking over the course of three days, he was able to flag down a good Samaritan who gave him a ride off of I-84, about 9 miles south of La Grande.

Jacob is currently recovering in the hospital after his kidney's failed due to dehydration. He says the one thing that kept him going was the thought of his kids.

We're so glad you are home safe and sound Jacob. What an incredible journey.