Well, I guess my mom was right about this one. Growing up when we had sore throats, we were taught to gargle with saltwater (eww) and then take a spoonful of honey. Turns out my mama was right about so many things. :)

A new study shows that good ol' honey form bees is better at treating sore throats, blocked noses, coughs and congestion than conventional medicines, including antibiotics. That is a pretty bold find and statement and probably one that big pharma is not thrilled with. But you cant deny science, not to mention history. Honey has been used in traditional cures for thousands of years and has been shown to have antimicrobial properties - I know that's getting a little tooo sciency, just know its amazing.

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Even if you knew it was great for sore throats, this is the first major study showcasing other studies, that shows its incredible effectiveness in treating upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs). University of Oxford scientists looked at research databases for relevant studies comparing honey with standard medical care - mostly antihistamines, expectorants, cough suppressants, and painkillers. Overall they found 14 matching clinical trials, involving 1,761 participants of varying ages. Gathering and comparing data they showed that honey was in fact more effective for improving symptoms, especially the frequency and severity of coughing. Honey tends to lessen a cough a day or two earlier than other meds.


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