Ready or not, subzero freezing temperatures are hitting the Treasure Valley this weekend. It's one thing to get used to living in temperatures under 32 degrees, but it's a whole other ballgame when you get to subzero temps.

This weekend is going to be a cold one

At the time of this writing, it looks like we have a shot at subzero temperatures coming to the Treasure Valley this weekend or possibly next Monday. As you probably already know, Treasure Valley weather is about as unpredictable as some of our crazy exes.

That being said - if the Boise area does get subzero temperatures, that could lead to some serious issues, especially for those who don't necessarily have a lot of experience in extreme cold.

You can't blame them either.

As our colleague, Michelle has shared with our readers before, the coldest day in Idaho history was a bone-chilling negative sixty degrees.

That's right: -60!

Does this mean the Boise area is in trouble?

Not exactly - while some of us aren't experienced in extreme cold weather, a good majority of Idahoans have been around long enough to know how to handle it AKA drive.

For those who don't have that experience, we have some useful tips that will help you survive thanks to the National Weather Service.

And look - we get it.

We know that extreme cold temps might be a joke to some but we can't forget about those coming to Boise from warmer climates... right?

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