I'm not sure if you can get any more perfect than what we've had the past few days here in the Treasure Valley as far as weather goes.  I'm sitting outside right now tapping away on my computer and all I can see is beautiful sunshine with a few clouds, green leaves and a nice cool breeze with a 68-degree temperature that feels like something straight out of a movie.

That's all going to change tomorrow.  Hey, we have to kick off the weekend with a little something interesting right?

According to weather.com tomorrow morning you'll be just fine but that 5 o'clock drive home may get a little interesting.  Clouds will start rolling in tonight building up to rain that should start sometime around three or four o'clock tomorrow.  So even if you're planning to bail work a little early, you'll still probably get some nasty weather on the drive home but at least there won't be as many cars on the road.

Winds will also kick up into the mid-20's and the showers will continue through most of the afternoon until six or seven o'clock.  We'll have cloudy skies through the weekend with sunshine and 80-degree weather kicking back in on Tuesday.

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