Raymundo was finally apple to truly shoot his shot for the CBS TV Show "Big Brother." For years, Raymundo has talked about going to open casting calls for the show and never getting accepted. Despite the rejections, Raymundo continued to try out for the show each year they held open casting calls near him.

On The Bobby Bones Show today (May 27), Robyn Kass, "Big Brother" Casting Director called into the show. She shared how they cast for the show and what kind of things they look for. She said that most of the time they're just looking for people to stand out and have something "different about them" than the others.

Bobby Bones convinced Kass to hear a 30-second pitch from Raymundo on why he should be chosen to be on the next season of "Big Brother." After 30 seconds, Kass tried to deflect the situation by asking if the cast thought his pitch was good. Since Raymundo talked about his love and slight obsession with "Big Brother" the whole time, he didn't get very good reviews.

You can watch Raymundo make his pitch to Kass above!