It seems like everyone is going home for the holidays, at least it looks that way at the Boise airport and on the roads today. Here's what's you need to know to get home on time and arrive safely.

By the end of 2018 an estimated 3.9 million people will have traveled through the Boise Airport according to KTVB, just today a good 15,000 will fly in and out of the Treasure Valley. The airport is prepared for the rush by beefing up security, opening up additional parking, and adding a free shuttle that will travel between the parking lot and the airport every 15 minutes.

Now it's time for your part. It's suggested you arrived two hours before your flight between today and Monday. Also, be well aware of what you can and cannot pack. Pretty much anything that is saucy or sloppy needs to stay home. You can't board the plane with gravy, mustard sauce, dips, cranberry sauce, or anything of the like. If it's soupy, slushy, likely to spill, do yourself a favor and don't pack it. You do have the option of checking such items.

AAA Idaho says the roads are expected to be packed as well. How packed? About 287,000 Idahoans will hit the roads for Thanksgiving. Not much you can do about the bustle, but you need to leave prepared. It's suggested you check your battery, engine systems, and tires before you leave. It's also highly advised that you pack an emergency kit including extra food and water in case you end up in a tough spot.

Last but not least, remember getting home is worth the wait, it's worth the preparation, it's worth the hassle. Tomorrow we can all take a sigh of relief as we sit around that table with the turkey and all of our loved ones. Then, well go through all of it again getting back home!

Happy Thanksgiving!