No!!! Say it isn't so! This has been on my bucket list since I moved to Boise and now they are gone?!

When I first saw the headline at I went into panic mode! I don't know why I've put it off, but I've want to grab some fresh fish or at least a bowl of clam chowder from Reel Foods Fish Market since I rolled into town a few years ago.

I apologize if I've put you in a tailspin as well. Luckily, Reel Foods is not going far away, they are just moving to Boise's Vista Village which I'm actually excited about because I felt like the downtown location wasn't super accessible which is why I would always drive by and want to go there, but never did.

The new official address for Reel Foods Fish Market is 1118 S. Vista in Boise. The only bummer is that the downtown location is already closed and they haven't opened the new location on the bench because building permits have not been filed.

We'll keep you posted as soon as the new Reel Foods Fish Market location opens their doors.