Who knew goldfish could be so powerful? Castle Rocks State Park in the Magic Valley isn’t closed yet, but apparently on January 20th the Idaho state park will be closing public access to the pond because of the goldfish that are in it.

There’s a report from The Idaho Statesman that says, “A pond in an Idaho state park near Almo will be closed for several months as officials deal with small fish that could become a big problem.”

That’s right. Goldfish were illegally released into the pond, and they’re estimating it will take until May for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to clear it out. They apparently plan on doing that by using chemicals to kill all of the fish that are currently in the pond, and then later introduce the right kind of fish that are supposed to be there.

Fishery biologists in the area mentioned that it's unfortunate they have to do this, but it's "necessary" because of the goldfish that were illegally put in the pond — and officials say it's the only way to humanely reset the pond.

According to this report from The Idaho Statesman, “Officials noted that illegally introducing fish into Idaho waterways can damage habitat and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to mitigate. Offenders could be on the hook for those damages and can also be charged with a felony.”

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