In case you haven't been reading the news lately, 'Karen' has been used as a pejorative term in the United States for a white woman who is perceived as demanding or privileged. Houston, Texas Chick'nCone restaurant decided to host a "Karen Day" to give food to all the good Karens out there.

They shared the news on their Facebook page because they wanted to show sympathy to the good 'Karens' of the world. Any Karen who showed up on their Karen Day would just have to show their ID with their Karen name and say "I want to speak to the manager" and they would receive free food.

About 40 Karens showed up to take advantage of the day. Though their was a positive turnout, restaurant spokesperson Karen De Amat told Fox News, "Terrance Foley, the [General Manager] mentioned that at two points in the day Karens came in and asked to speak with the manager – so he would introduce himself and ask what assistance they needed,” she said. “Since they made no mentioned of the offer, he himself forgot that it was Karen Day.”

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