This darling little nine-year-old boy from Kuna struggles every single day with challenges like ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Autism, and he is terrified of weather. His Mom just wants him to be able to live and love life. Meet Zakary.

Zakary lives for sports. He was cheering on his LA Dodgers in the World Series (sorry for the outcome Zakary) and he loves the Oakland Raiders.

Credit: Denise Mealer /Zaks Mom

He's tried participating in sports himself, but it quickly becomes too much for him to handle.

If it gets windy outside, Zakary immediately runs away and tries to seek shelter. His anxiety is so bad that his Dr. says he's never seen a child with anxiety to the level that Zak has it.

Zackary goes to therapy four days a week to help combat his challenges. A task that takes a toll on any family financially and mentally.

We want Zackary and his family to know that we are cheering them on all the way! He's our "Rick and Carly's Kid" this month and we hope he and his family have a great time going to the BSU vs. BYU game this Saturday, the Harlem Globetrotters on Monday, an Idaho Steelheads Game, and a BSU basketball game! Plus, we're sending them to dinner at Smokey Mountain Pizzeria Grill, we've got him some LA Dodger's and Oakland Raiders swag, and his Mama gets to run their car through Epic Shine Car Wash for FREE for a long time to come.

Special thanks to Epic Shine Car Wash for making Zakary's sports dreams come true!

Credit: Epic Shine Car Wash