My family's been on a roller coaster ride for almost a year now with my oldest daughter Lexi's infertility to all the wonderful people here in the Treasure Valley who opened up their hearts and donated so that she and her husband can try to start a family with that huge $40,000 price tag for InVitro which failed and then ultimately succeeded and now we've been thrown for another loop.

Just a few weeks ago Lexi and her husband Porter had their gender reveal.  We already knew they were blessed with twins and we were all hoping for a girl and a boy because Lexi may never have this opportunity again in her life.

When the champagne was popped, the cake cut and party stringers shot our dreams came true.  The ultrasound shows a beautiful baby boy and a beautiful baby girl.

This is a picture of Lexi's early ultrasound.  Not the one used to identify the sex of the babies but I thought I'd throw it in here because I'm so excited for her and Porter and I just love looking at these two little miracles God is sending us.

Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media
Credit: Rick and Carly / Townsquare Media

Fast forward to NOW.  Lexi goes in for her regular checkup.  Everything's good.  Babies are healthy, momma is healthy and Lexi's chatting with the ultrasound technician who asks what she's having.  Lexi says, "we're having a boy and a girl."  The technician congratulates Lexi and begins to give her another ultrasound to check further on the health of the babies.  She says, "yep, there's a boy" and then she says, "and there's another boy!"  What?  Yeah.

Anyone who's ever been way too excited about babies coming knows that the second you find out what you're having you do what?  You go buy a whole bunch of stuff to prepare.  Not only has everyone bought all this boy/girl stuff but the cribs are boy/girl and they painted the baby room so it worked for boy/girl.

After the initial shock wore off and all the texts and social media and phone calls died down I called my daughter to ask her if she was o.k.  She said, "dad, I'm so blessed that God is giving me an opportunity to take care of these two babies.  What they are and who they are is for God to decide and I know that I'm meant to be their mother.  I'm as happy now as I was when we popped those corks and thought that we had a boy and a girl coming."


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