Boise State's head football coach just received an almost $2 million bonus.  Why did he get it and do you think he deserves it?

Boise State v San Diego State
Credit: Kent Homer / Getty Images

There was a whole lot more on the line Saturday night than our Broncos holding on to that #1 spot in the Mountain West Conference.  For coach Harsin it was personal.  Don't get me wrong, Harsin's trying to win every game but Saturday's was a bit different.  If he pulled out eight wins this season his contract automatically renews for another year which now runs through 2022 and pays out $9.25 million.

Harsin's taken a lot of heat replacing a legendary coach and joining a legendary team who's had a lot of success in the past.  Harsin's record as of now is 39-11 and the BSU Broncos are currently 8-2 and are the favorites to host the Mountain West Conference game here at Albertson's Stadium.

The Broncos are also on the verge of cracking the Top 25 national rankings and could conceivably end this year with one of their best records ever.

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