Innocent children and some adults were on board a school bus headed for a New Jersey historic site as a field trip when everyone's worst nightmare occurred.  A crash with a red dump truck that completely ripped open the bus which was carrying 45 people, mostly students on board.

The dump truck was completely mangled and the bus was busted wide open exposing seats, the steering wheel, and remnants of metal, plastic, and possessions the students were holding on to.

According to witnesses saw a massive amount of people crawling and screaming to get out of the bus.  43 of the people on board were transported immediately to three different area hospitals for treatment.  Two people, a teacher and one student were pronounced dead at the scene.  Authorities are not releasing any information as to what happened in this accident or who the victims are.

The bus was taking students from East Brook Middle School to Waterloo Village, a historic site depicting a Lenape Indian community and once-thriving port which was about five miles away from the accident that took place.  As of now, we know that some of the students taken to the hospital are in critical condition.  We don't know how many.  We'll keep you posted on their condition and any new developments that occur.

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