We may not be recovering from Snowpacolypse runoff in 2018, but we're still seeing flooding around the Greenbelt area.

For the time being, part of the Laguna Point trail along the south channel of the Boise River and a portion of the north channel pathway under Eagle Road are closed down due to our historic flooding in 2017 which changed the Boise River's flow and height.

During the record year last summer, sediment was re-distributed causing water to become higher in some areas. Interestingly, this caused such a difference in where the river flows, that we're already seeing flooding while the Boise River is only flowing around 3,660 cfs compared to 8,550 cfs (cubic feet/second) last year.

Thankfully, the good news is that areas closed this year should be the only locations. Fingers crossed we could be seeing an earlier-than-normal floating season this summer!

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