Of all the places in the entire state of Idaho, it looks like a bar in Couer d'Alene called Mik's may have gotten the biggest surprise!  I mean if you were on your way to spend NYE there would you really expect to run into one of the most legendary NBA players of all time!?!.............Shaquille O'Neal!?!

Well, according to Mik's Facebook page, that's exactly what happened.  Pictures from the night were posted along with the caption," Thank you Shaq for blowing all of our minds tonite!!! What a way to kick start 2017!!!"

Now you might be wondering, of ALL the places in the World, why Shaq would choose a bar in Couer d'Alene to ring in the new year. And well..............to tell you the truth, nobody really seems to know.  But who cares?  Maybe we should all look at this as a great sign of things to come in 2017 and to expect the unexpected :)

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