Did you enjoy that quick flash of sunshine we had here in the Treasure Valley?  What is they say about April Showers?  We're definitely getting that over and over and over again.  According to Weather.com we get rain today and don't think that it's stopping anytime soon.  It'll be very wet when we all get up and head to work tomorrow morning and then finally breaking up into partly cloudy skies on Tuesday.

  • Sunday           Rain with a high of 61
  • Monday           Rain with a high of 57
  • Tuesday          Mostly Cloudy with a high of 51
  • Wednesday     Mostly Sunny with a high of 65
  • Thursday          Partly Cloudy with a high of 66

Please be prepared to give yourself a little extra time to get around.  Turn your lights on, drive slowly and drive defensively.  We all know how many bad drivers there are out there.  Keep that in mind and expect the unexpected.  We want all our listeners accounted for and safe.

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