The Idaho State Police are currently investigating what exactly led to this $50,000 vehicle crashing into a chain linked fence and flipping over onto its roof before finally stopping and allowing spectators to jump into action and save the lives of those inside.

We don't know exactly who or how many who's were inside when the truck crashed this morning off of Interstate 15 at milepost 117 in Idaho Falls but we do know that as of now, whoever was in the truck has been transported to the hospital and is alive.  Outside of that, we would only be speculating.  The injuries could be life-threatening.  we just don't know.

The Idaho State Police say that seatbelts saved lives in this situation.  A good reminder for all of us here in Idaho where the accidents and death toll this year has surpassed more than 100 and seems to just be getting worse and worse.  Here's a tweet from the Idaho State Police...

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