When it comes to snowfalls in Idaho, they're not just flurries but epic tales of nature's grandeur. When the snow starts falling here, it doesn't do things by halves. It's like Mother Nature decided to throw a giant white party, and everyone's invited!

Take, for instance, the record-breaking winter of 1949. It wasn't just a snowfall but a massive storm that blanketed Eastern Idaho for 13 consecutive weeks! Picture that - a continuous blanket of snow, high winds, and sub-zero temperatures for over three months straight. Now, that's what I call a winter wonderland!

And then there was the day that went down in history - February 2, 1916. Boise received an astounding 15 inches of snow in a single day. Just imagine waking up to that much snow! It must've been like stepping into a giant snow globe.

More recently, in March 2023, Boise came close to breaking a record set in 1905 with a significant snowstorm. And if that wasn't enough, the city also broke a 90-year-old record for consecutive snow days. Talk about a winter to remember!

But it's not just about the records. It's about the beauty and magic that these snowfalls bring. The way the snowflakes dance in the air before settling on the ground, transforming everything into a pristine white landscape. The way the snow sparkles under the sunlight, as if thousands of diamonds were scattered across the land.

So yes, when it comes to snowfalls, Idaho knows how to put on a show. And trust me, it's a show you wouldn't want to miss!

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Stacker compiled a list of the biggest 1-day snowfalls in Idaho using data from the National Centers for Environmental Information.

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Boise's First Snowfall Date Over the Past Decade

Stats based on data from the National Weather Service. In order to be considered the date of the first snowfall, Boise needed to receive at least .1" of snow.

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