As my wife and I became familiar with Boise/Treasure Valley we found ourselves going to some open houses on Saturday and Sunday. Based on our experiences living here since the first weekend of September, we like the Historic Hyde Park area and Garden City.

This weekend we spread our wings and looked at different areas like the Boise Bench, the West End, and near Veterans Memorial Park.

My wife knows what she wants and there's really no chance of changing her mind.

Top 3 things that matter to her:

3. Location

2. Character/Charm

1. Character/Charm/Location

I couldn't agree more with her, since we don't have any kids we would really like to be near close to the action and that's why location for us is so important. We also want to have enough room for our dogs in the backyard and some extra space for guests when they come to visit.

It's hard to ignore what's happening in the housing market, not just in Boise but all across the nation. According to "In Aug '22 - Oct '22, 26% of Boise homebuyers searched to move out of Boise, while 74% looked to stay within the metropolitan area."

Ideally, we would like a 2bed/2bath with over 1,000 sq. ft. and a backyard that the pups can enjoy.

The first house we went to was this barn that had been converted into a home with a huge backyard. Even though it's 1,408 sq. ft. the house felt pretty snug. The rooms were a little small and the layout of the upstairs was just a little inconvenient.

The second house we went to was again small but the layout of the house was better than the first one. The house needs some love but the bones are great. I just don't think we are in a place where we want to spend time or money fixing up a house right now.

The third house we looked at had the location and charm, but the bedroom situation was weird. It's listed as a 2-bedroom but one bedroom didn't have a closet, and you had to walk through the "bedroom" to get to the bedroom that actually had a closet. It's got the charm but just had an awkward layout.


Open Houses We Went To in Boise

Check out these open houses we went to over the weekend.

$499,000 Boise Studio Downtown

500 sq. ft. Studio overlooking downtown, overpriced?

Stay at This Idaho Castle

The Castle - Chateau De Melsuine is available to rent through a couple of different platforms but the cheapest I saw was on Airbnb. This Idaho castle would be a great experience for the entire family, especially if you want to go during the winter season!

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