These are the stories that I love, people bringing, cheer, hope, joy, happiness and hopefully a few giggles to window watching patients, doctors, and nurses at St. Luke's Children's hospital.

With, what I now just call Covid Craziness, the kiddos at St. Luke's Children's Hospital in downtown Boise have not been able to receive the Christmas, holiday spirit that usually visits and fills the hallways and rooms with everything from carolers to elf's, to Santa's, to cheery visitors with treats and gifts. This year, as we all know, is different. Visitors coming into the hospital even to spread cheer was too great a risk for sick patients so a Boise group got together to spread happiness in a different way and from a safe distance.

There is a group from the Preferred Agents Team at Keller Williams who got planned, outfitted and got together right outside of the hospital, and did a Santa Flash Mob Dance. Check out a video from the dance flash mob party below...

What a wonderful, creative and fantastic thing to orchestrate and see through. Those kids, families, and St. Luke's hospital staff are sure to remember this for years to come. Happy Holidays from our Wow Country family to yours.


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