I have hiked to yurts before but never stayed overnight, I am excited. This one is special cause it is privately owned.

Although there are ones in the Idaho Yurt System those are run by volunteer and on BLM land mostly this one was a cool find on Air BNB, It's called the Silver Fox Yurt outside of McCall. This will be my first overnight trip in a Yurt, and most of the time especially in winter you can not access this one anyway by car or shoe, only in the form of snowshoe or ski.

For summer fun this Yurt offers some amazing recreation with Jug Mountain Ranch mtn bike trails are just a short downhill glide ( ALSO their nordic trail system is actually part of the winter access route, so it's super close).

Jeff lines everything out for you that you need to know. It is very detailed, and as long as you follow the instructions. Wish me and my friend luck!




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