O.K.  I’m a little biased.   I tend to believe wherever I live is the best place to live.  There were a couple of exceptions when I was younger and first on my own but I was so busy my apartments were simply a place to shower and sleep.

An outfit called 24/7 Wall Street is ranking best places in each state.  About the only coverage we ever get in Twin Falls is when someone writes about waterfalls and BASE jumping.  Aside from three dozen falls being in the city or within half-an-hour drive, we otherwise get overlooked. 

Oh, and stopping every 15 seconds for a traffic light, that floats my boat.

Meridian is 24/7’s choice.  What are the reporters doing?  Must be some really good weed they’re dragging on.

I guess if you like looking at mile-after-mile of shopping plazas and asphalt, it’s a great place.  Oh, and stopping every 15 seconds for a traffic light, that floats my boat.

How about paying 1,800 dollars a month for an 800 square foot apartment?  Which next year will cost 2,100 dollars a month!

Notice these people never suggest small towns as a great place to live.  There are two traffic lights where I grew up.  During the summer, we would ride our bikes to the lake and dive off the earthen dam and into the water.  Then ride home and maybe stop for ice cream.

Meridian, I’m sure, has plenty of options for ice cream.  Bicycles are more of a challenge.  Go out for a ride and meet Mr. Bus.  He has big tires and a loud engine.

The thing is, the people who create these ratings look at a jumble of statistics.  They don’t actually visit flyover country.  They’ve never been to McCall or Hagerman or Swan Valley.  Just sayin’.  They’re missing the real Idaho.

Meridian is just suburban sprawl and looks like so much of New Jersey or Northern Virginia or suburban Chicago.

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