The Super Bowl means food, family, food, football and more food.  I have always been a fan of chili during the big game, but I don’t mind pizza, wings, artichoke dip, smokies or anything else that you might cook up.  You might think that a more Idaho food would top the list of favorites around here, but you’d be wrong!  The most popular Super Bowl food by Google search volume in Idaho is the same as it is in six other states: seven-layer dip. 

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

If you’re disappointed, I completely understand but you should know that seven-layer dip is a huge improvement from what the most popular Super Bowl food was in Idaho last year: Salad! 

As for beer, Idaho falls a little out of the norm and maybe that’s because of our proximity to Colorado.  As determined by analyzing over 500,000 tweets, we will most likely be drinking Coors Light on Sunday. 

Credit: Getty Images/ Spencer Platt

Finally, the Gem State is going against the rest of the country when it comes to who we’re cheering for.  No players on either side played at Boise State or grew up anywhere in Idaho, but the Offensive Quality Control Coach for the Chiefs, Joe Bleymaier was born in Boise.  That hasn’t made an impact on the fact that Idaho is rooting for the San Francisco 49ers, which puts us in a National minority, just like the Coors Light.