The Boise Police Department has just released more details and information as to why East Junior High was on lockdown this morning including information on a suspect and what's currently going on.

Just before 8 o'clock this morning the Boise Police Department received calls about a domestic situation at East Junior High where one adult was in danger.  The number one priority is the safety of every student and the safety of faculty members along with any and all employees is a top priority as well so the Boise Police Department placed the school on lockdown until they could get to the bottom of what was going on.

The suspect was a female who was already in her car when authorities arrived.  She is being identified as Monica Walters Wolfe and there was absolutely no reason for her presence at the school.  When officers approached Wolfe she tried to take off forcing the Boise Police Department to arrest her and send her to the Ada County Jail to face charges of resisting and obstructing police officers and disorderly conduct.

What exactly happened is still in question and all information is confidential until investigators finish up.  We do know that the kids and faculty are all safe and school continues now as normal.

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