Just saw this story on KTVB this morning.  Ha!  How funny.  So crazy how often this kind of thing happens.  I guess we can laugh because nobody was injured in this accident.


This SUV bulldozed its way into the Jacksons Food store at 1575 East Boise Avenue last night around 5 o'clock.  This baby didn't stop until it was all the way inside the store.  I can only imagine the shock the clerk felt watching something happen that must've seemed like some kind of a dream.


We still don't know what the cause is of this accident.  I'm guessing the old foot on the gas instead of the brake routine might be the culprit.  As a precaution the paramedics were called out to the scene but nobody needed medical attention.  Thank goodness!


If this Jacksons is your typical stop for gas, snacks or whatever... you may need to find a temporary replacement.  Got a feeling this place will be out of commission for a bit.