Growing up in Colorado, I knew a few things would always be true: John Elway will always be the greatest quarterback of all-time, the mountains aren't as high as my next-door neighbor and the Slurpee always tastes good on a hot summer day. Now living in Boise, I can't even remember the last time I set foot in a 7-Eleven store, the home of said Slurpee and giant soda, the Big Gulp. The convenience store chain made big headlines today because they bought out one of their competitors, Speedway.

This does not get me closer to my Slurpee. The closest 7-Eleven is just outside of Salt Lake City, and the nearest Speedway Store that will become a 7-Eleven is also just outside of Salt Lake City. Three thousand nine hundred new 7-Eleven stores, and not one of them is in the state of Idaho.

There is one 7-Eleven store in the state. That store is a "mere" 6 1/2 hours away in Post Falls, which is almost a suburb of Spokane, Washington.

There was a time when 7-Eleven did exist in the Treasure Valley. Until late 2008, the Slurpee ran wild and free. Jackson's bought all seven of those locations. The stores may have come with the building, parking lot, and gas pumps, but they did not come with the Slurpee... or the Big Gulp.

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