What a wonderful heartwarming story from a little Eagle girl that is reaching the whole US and around the world. Sweet little Zoe has been battling cancer for as long as she can remember. She has already had over 1,000 days of chemo and still has a kind, encouraging, spirit about her.

Zoe's mom asked for some help from the local community awhile back asking people to send in little cards of encouragement to help Zoe make it past her 1,000 chemo treatment. It went far past the local community as Zoe has no received letters and cards from ALL 50 states and even from around the world just a month after Zoes mom asked for the extra support.

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The little courageous cutie has now received over 2,000 cards!!! Outside of the US she has cards from Canada, France, Brazil, Hong Kong, Mexico and Spain. I have a sister in the Navy in Japan and sent this over to her and she is going to get something in the mail for little Zoe too, so she will be able to add Japan to the list.

Lets keep this goodness going, Zoe is checking the mail multiple times a day and is so excited to get more. It is helping her in such a huge way and for the first time in a long time gets her mind off of everything else she has going on so she can look at the brighter side.

To keep up with her journey check out the Zoe Ray of Sunshine Facebook page here

If you'd like to do so, here's where you can send them:

Zoe Ray of Sunshine
1930 N Wind Cave Way
Eagle, ID 83616

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