How would you like an Alexa in your car? That is the next planned roll out for Amazon. The Amazon Echo Auto launched in the UK and Ireland and as long as things go smoothly they will become available here soon. The Echo Auto plugs into a car’s 12V power outlet or built-in USB port and connects to the in-car stereo through either an audio jack cable or Bluetooth to enable the use of Alexa inside the vehicle. Then you can use Alexa voice commands to control music, check the news, make phone calls or check their schedule without taking hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Gotta love that.

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The Alexa Eco Auto gets internet by connecting to a phone and the Alexa app and using its existing data plan. This is so high tech ed that you should be able to give it commands even over music, A/C and other loud car sounds. It is built with an eight-microphone set-up. In the US it is expected to cost around the $65 to $70 range. It would be awesome if it launched in the US in time for holidays but they have not specified a timeline yet.

Are you in? Would you prefer this over other hands free car options?


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