The sunsets in the Treasure Valley really are outstanding. I was driving just last night with my man Kris, heading east on 84 going through Nampa just after 7. He literally said "It looks like we are driving into a painting." Sometimes the bright pinks, oranges and reds are enough to take your breath away. I wanted to know more about two things, first... WHY are the sunsets so extra beautiful here Idaho and the treasure valley, what causes them to be so much better here than other places.

Next I wanted to know WHERE the best place was to see sunsets in and around the Treasure Valley. Feel free to add your own on the bottom if I missed a great spot that you have found.

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So what makes sunsets so gorgeous? According to mercury news "Science tells us that the essence of a beautiful sunset is in the cloud layer — specifically the clouds at the upper and lower levels. The brilliant colors that are reflected in the clouds take on the red and orange hues of the setting sun." There are some rumors that smog and pollution add to a sunsets color and beauty, while it can alter it it does not necessarily make it any prettier. I like how accuweather also explains it.

Now for my next quest. Where are some of the best spots to see sunsets nearby? Wowza was this a hot topic I found lots of dedications to the best places to see sunsets. Since I have not personally experienced all of these places myself... yet.... I am not going to rank them, just list them and you can feel free to add your own below, sources also listed below...

Table Rock

Camel's Back

Boise Train Depot

Simplot Hill

Military Reserve

The Grove Hotel

Corrals Trail

Lake Lowell

What are we missing?

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