Volunteering is such a selfless thing to do. You take time, and sometimes even money out of your own pocket to help out those in need. One 17-year-old is the example of how volunteering your time and effort can make a huge difference in someone's life. According to KTVB, Maloree Barbera will create a special 'Meal in a Cup' for guests at Interfaith Sanctuary in Boise. The concept is amazing, a hearty, healthy, meal that guest can take with them on the go.

Maloree creates about 200 of these on-the-go meals in her home, then delivers them to the shelter. According to KTVB, the filling cups include "mashed potatoes, chicken, corn, peas and cheese on them". How does Maloree feel about volunteering? Here's what she had to say (via KTVB):

"I have the opportunity to do something like this, so I may as well just go for it, because I'm really passionate about helping people, and anyway I can help my community is a good thing for me and everybody."

If you're feeling motivated to help out folks battling homelessness, you can sign up to bring meals to Interfaith Sanctuary too. Just CLICK HERE for more info.

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