Such a horrible tragedy this holiday season. 


It happened to our neighbors near Portland, Oregon around 2 am Christmas morning.


A group of teens between 14-17 years old had been singing Christmas carols with the Romanian church.


According to KTVB, none of the teens were impaired, but they missed a sharp turn in thier  car and tumbled down an embankment.


16 year old Samuel Chiriac of Battle Ground, Washington died from the crash and 3 others were injured.


17 year old Seba Pop of West Linn is battling life-threatening injuries.


His 15 year old brother Caleb Pop and 17 year old Timothy Posteucha have serious injuries and 14 year old Johnny Christurean was not hurt in the crash.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the boys families. Such a horrible situation that will change these families lives and their memories of Christmas forever.